Health reform now or later — What's a physician to do?

A few weeks ago, I suggested that — love it or hate it — physicians need to prepare themselves for the likely advent of health reform by getting a handle on internal costs and processes, and by strategically organizing into stronger bodies able to negotiate more effectively with payors across a range of new approaches […]

Holy Mackarel: Scott Brown, Health Reform Redux and What Can (Should) Happen Next

Today's story begins in the Massachusetts State House Senate chamber.  Prominent in the chamber is the Holy Mackarel.  (Really.  The House chamber is graced by the Sacred Cod of Massachusetts; the Senate had to get something.) A recent alum of the Massachusetts Senate, one Scott Brown, has been eliciting cries of Holy Mackarel (and worse) […]

Healthcare Communications and Social Media – First Anniversary Tweetchat

Sunday night, Dana Lewis (twitter handle: @danamlewis) hosted a special two-hour edition of the weekly Healthcare Communications and Social Media Tweetchat to mark its first anniversary.  There was a guest moderator — Lee Aase (@leeaase).  There was a raft of special guests: Nick Dawson (@nickdawson), Greg Matthews (@chimoose), Jonathan Richman (@jonmrich), Liza Sisler (@lizasisler), Jeff Livingston […]

HIPAA enforcement by state attorneys general: The shape of things to come

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal entered a brave new world yesterday, as the first state AG to file a HIPAA enforcement action under the “Son of HIPAA” amendments found in the HITECH Act.  Among other HIPAA changes made in the new law (all of which should be of concern to health care providers, health care […]

Meaningful Use of Certified EHRs: Proposed rules come out just under the wire

Meaningful use of certified EHRs — the long-awaited definitions were released by HHS and ONC, within HHS, before year-end, as required by law.  ("Put on display," technically.)  Filed at 4:15 pm on December 30, followed by a 5:15 pm conference call, the release was almost a parody of transparency.  Nevertheless, the rules are out, and […]