A Massachusetts health reform reading list from RWJF VP David Colby; Massachusetts payment system reform recommendations up next

David Colby, VP, Research and Evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, offers his summer reading list on Massachusetts health care reform.  His intro: Hopefully, many of you are relaxing this month at one of the nation’s real beaches. I’m spending most of August in the backyard, maybe with my feet in an inflatable pool.  […]

The costs of prevention, and the coming boom in comparative effectiveness research

Today's Boston Globe revisits the question of whether screening (vs. other forms of prevention) is a cost-effective approach to improving health care.  Obama has called for more screenings; the CBO and folks like Peter Neumann, Director of the Tufts Center for for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health, continue to point out that […]

The Whole Foods lesson: On-line communications, meaning what you say, saying what you mean, and remembering who you are

Today's health care communications lesson is brought to you courtesy of Whole Foods …. I mean John Mackey. John Mackey's stepped in it again.  The libertarian CEO of natural-foods behemoth Whole Foods was investigated last year by the FTC and SEC after badmouthing competitor and takeover target Wild Oats in anonymous comments on a Yahoo! […]

Chronic disease prevention and management: How the health reform bills measure up, and how medical home models can help

Ken Thorpe's Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease released a report today providing a side-by-side comparison of leading health reform bills' approaches to chronic disease prevention and management.  From the website linking to the report:  The publication, "Hitting the 'Bulls-eye' in Health Reform: Controlling Chronic Disease to Reduce Cost and Improve Quality," offers five recommendations for […]