I had the pleasure of discussing the current crop of health care reform policy options with Gregg Masters and a number of callers today on Blog Talk Radio.  The hour-long show is available for your listening pleasure here (streaming or download).  Please let me know if you like the content and/or format.  Gregg (aka @2healthguru on twitter, where we first met) and I plan to produce future shows and are interested in your comments and suggestions on focused topics for discussion.

Thanks for listening and for your feedback.

For further reading, some of the materials we discussed include the three Senate Finance Committee policy options reports and related materials, Obama’s letter to Senate Democrats, his radio/internet address from last weekend, Senator Kennedy’s draft Affordable Health Choices Act, and the Tri-Committee draft released by the House Committees on Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce and Education and Labor.  There are a number of milestones on the march through committees and to the floors of both chambers, and on to the President’s desk in October/November.  And finally, a useful tool for those of you keeping score at home is the Kaiser Family Foundation health reform proposal comparison.

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