Nurse union merger: Will mandated nurse-to-patient ratios make it to Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Nurses Association, United American Nurses and California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee announced yesterday their merger, creating a 150,000-member-strong force to be reckoned with.  While improved terms of employment for nurses should be welcome, it will be important to balance a variety of other factors.  One thing that leaps to mind upon reading […]

Meta-analysis of stimulus package news coverage

In the past week, CNN's Elizabeth Cohen quoted a right-of-center source who badmouthed the evidence-based medicine piece of the health care piece of the stimulus legislation, claiming that it would lead to the federales' restricting treatment options.  Trudy Lieberman, at the Columbia Journalism Review, is all over this one, arguing for clearer identification of commentators' […]

HITECH Act part of stimulus package headed to President's desk: Steady, boys!

Some of us have now had a moment or two to read parts of the stimulus bill. One of the many stimuli included is the HITECH act, a $19 billion electronic health records funding provision.  This sort of action by the federales was long promised by Obama on the campaign trail: spending federal dollars to […]

Transforming Healthcare Summit in Boston February 26

I hope to see local readers February 26 at the Transforming Healthcare Summit.  On the program:  Jim Roosevelt (Tufts Health Plan), Charlie Baker (Harvard Pilgrim Health Care), John Glaser (Partners Healthcare), Jonathan Bush (Athena Health) and more.  Check out the blog put together by Steve Wardell, consider my two cents (and others') on what Obama […]