Engage With Grace

As patients, as family members, as friends, as health care providers, we have all faced end-of-life issues at one time or another, and we will face them again.  And again.  This weekend, the "Engage With Grace" message is being broadcast virally, through a "blog rally," at a time when many people are with family and […]

Health 2.0 roundtable webcast on Read Write Web; HealthBlawg on twitter

Listen in on some Health 2.0 luminaries chatting at Read Write Web.  The live podcast was yesterday afternoon.  Tip of the hat to Scott Shreve (twitter: @scottshreve) and Unity Stoakes (twitter: @unitystoakes).  Scott, and Unity's colleague Steven Krein, were two of the discussants. And yes, thanks to the continuing social media revolution, HealthBlawg is on […]

Medicare managed care, high costs, and the blame game

Robert Pear's piece in Sunday's NY Times is about the bajillionth article or MedPAC report recounting the fact that Medicare Advantage and Medicare fee-for-service plans cost the federales more than traditional Medicare — 12% more and 17% more, respectively — and it points to some Health Affairs papers on Medicare managed care that will be […]

Patient Safety Organization regulations finally finalized

PSO regulations under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 have finally wended their way through interminable process and have made it to publication as final regulations in today's Federal Register, effective January 19, 2009. The introductory commentary on the rule explains that it create[s] a voluntary system through which providers [may] share […]