2009 MPFS final regulations

The 2009 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule regulation was released in final form yesterday (on display), and will be published in the Federal Register on November 19.  It is chock full of payment and policy changes, detailed in three CMS fact sheets: (1) payment policies and rates; (2) MIPPA-related changes; and (3) e-prescribing incentives and PQRI […]

Health Wonk Review: Samhain edition

All Hallow's Eve (celebrated around these parts tomorrow night) incorporates traditions tied to the earlier Celtic holiday of Samhain, which marks the beginning of winter — as the great (swing) state (or should I say Commonwealth) of Pennsylvania knows only too well.  As we enter the last lap of the interminable presidential campaign of 2008, […]

Ascension Health buys $100m in Caritas Christi bonds: Phase I of an acquisition?

A year or so ago, Ascension Health wanted nothing to do with Caritas Christi.  The national Catholic health care system considered buying the Boston-based Catholic health system after it put itself on the block, but backed away given the toxic condition of Caritas Christi's books at the time.  After getting its house in order somewhat, […]

David Harlow quoted in Radiology Today on HIPAA compliance reviews

I spoke last month with Radiology Today on the question of HIPAA compliance, in light of increased, or at least more public, enforcement.  HIPAA security compliance audits are underway, and providers need to be aware of what to expect.  The best defense is still a good offense, which in this case means conducting an audit […]