DRA advanced imaging cuts examined by GAO; MIPPA accreditation rules welcomed by industry

Advanced diagnostic imaging reimbursement (i.e., payment for MRI, CT and nuc med) has taken a beating under the DRA (Deficit Reduction Act of 2005), and last week's GAO report looking at the impact of the legislation on this slice of the health care economy — specifically, technical fees for advanced diagnostic imaging in physician office […]

EHR adoption incentives: $700 million and counting

Well, it isn't $700 billion but, then again, it doesn't involve getting down on bended knee before Nancy Pelosi. CCHIT is taking an ongoing inventory of public and private incentives nationwide intended to promote adoption of CCHIT-certified EHRs.  Thus far, CCHIT has identified 90 public or private initiatives.  These include, for example, state and federal […]

Ambulance diversions to be banned in MA

As reported in the Boston Globe earlier this month, The state has ordered Massachusetts hospitals to stop turning away ambulances when their emergency rooms are overcrowded, a decades-old practice that can delay treatment and has upset patients denied care at their usual hospitals. As of January 1, 2009, no more so-called "diversions" of ambulances away […]

The doctor will see you . . . maybe before next spring

From today's Boston Globe:  The dearth of PCPs as newly insured folks in MA have tried to find them has been frustrating to many. The new Massachusetts law alluded to in the Globe article takes some baby steps towards ameliorating this issue on the supply side. The problem, of course, is not limited to Massachusetts, […]

David Harlow quoted in article on Medicare and telehealth

CMS is slowly but surely adding some codes for payment of limited telehealth services — this year, it's certain consultations to follow up on patients the remote physician has seen in person.  I spoke with the editor of Physician Compensation & Recruitment about the subject, noting that while it's the wave of the future, the […]