NHIN, Google Health, HealthVault: even dwarves started small

Last week, ONCHIT COO Charles Friedman said NHIN integration with Google’s PHR and Microsoft’s HealthVault is in the cards.  He didn’t say much else about the integration, adding yet another layer to the vaporware sensibility attaching to the two big PHR plays. You may be thinking: What’s with the dwarves?  Well, when the best thing […]

Medicare trigger pulled again . . . yawn

So, for the third year in a row, those wild and crazy Medicare Trustees issued their report and have let us know we’re living beyond our means. The Medicare funding warning was first triggered by the 2007 report and is triggered again with the 2008 report. The funding warning requires the President to propose legislation […]

David Harlow quoted in Mass. Medical Law Report's story on retail clinics

I spoke with Eric Berkman as he reported the lead story on retail clinics in the current issue of Massachusetts Medical Law Report, as did a number of other authorities on the subject.  Massachusetts recently promulgated "limited service" clinic regulations in order to regulate retail clinics appropriately, after CVS applied for a host of waivers […]