Organ procurement in a world gone wild

Organs for transplantation are so scarce, and the imperatives for organ procurement are so compelling, that some folks seem to do the darnedest things (even if we leave recent and not-so-recent stories about China out of this discussion). Consider the recent story of a transplant surgeon who allegedly put the interests of potential recipients above […]

Minute Clinics in the news again

A tip of the hat to Ben Kruskal at Dr. Ben’s Blog for pointing to Mass Medical Society president-elect Bruce Auerbach’s Boston Globe op-ed piece on Minute Clinics and DPH’s response (and to earlier posts of Paul Levy’s, at Running a Hospital, and of mine, here at HealthBlawg, on the subject). Bruce lays out a […]

Health Wonk Review – the back to school edition

Joe Paduda hosts the current HWR roundup at Managed Care Matters, leading off with a look at HillaryCare 2.0.  Sidebar:  For those of you in the Boston area interested in getting up close and personal with Mrs. C on October 10, consider attending the New England Lawyers for Hillary event (human beings also welcome). — […]

David Harlow to speak at annual two-day MCLE extravaganza on health law coming up next week

The annual two-day-long Health Law Basics Plus program at Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education is coming up next Wednesday and Thursday (9/26-9/27).  For those of you who are Massachusetts lawyers with an interest in learning more about the wild and wonderful world of health care: check out the program and come join us for a total-immersion […]

From Shakespeare to DOJ — Let's kill all the lawyers

. . . or at least let’s try to convict some health care lawyers. Two hospital lawyers famously escaped conviction in the U.S. v. Anderson case (D.Kan. 1998).  And we all thought we were safe from prosecution under fraud and abuse, Stark and false claims laws. This week, the DOJ has filed a complaint against […]