The strange case of the arrogant physician, and related musings on the propriety of physician blogging and other online behavior

Every tragic hero succumbs to a fatal flaw. Consider the hubris on the part of Flea, aka Dr. Robert Lindeman who was, until a couple of weeks ago, the defendant in a med-mal trial who was blogging about his own case (and his take on opposing counsel, the jurors, and his own defense) — until […]

Mediation and arbitration of disputes between nursing facilities and their residents

Less than two months ago, Massachusetts joined a number of other states whose courts have recognized the enforceability of agreements to arbitrate disputes between nursing facilities and their residents (or residents’ families or other legal representatives).  See Miller v. Cotter, 448 Mass. 671 (2007).  (Alternate link to opinion here.)  This is a trend that is […]

Health Wonk Review is up at Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review

Bob Laszewski has posted the latest edition of Health Wonk Review at his blog, Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review (yes, that’s a mouthful).  As usual, HWR covers a broad range of issues (and acronyms); this week, the selection includes HSAs, SEIU, an RWJF review of proposals to establish health courts, fleecing the uninsured, the […]

IRS finally green-lights hospital underwriting of physician EHR systems

The safe harbors for hospital funding of physician EHR system acquisition have gone largely unused to date.  That should change — at least for the tax-exempt hospitals — now that the IRS has issued its eagerly-awaited memorandum regarding "Hospitals Providing Financial Assistance to Staff Physicians Involving Electronic Health Records."  It’s refreshingly short for a government […]

IRS gives friendly PCs the cold shoulder

For years, the IRS has recognized the use of "friendly PCs" as a legitimate means to facilitate the development of integrated healthcare systems and other relationships between physicians and hospitals.  In those states with a strong corporate practice of medicine ban (e.g., California; though over half the states in the union have some form of […]