Indiana insurer goes public with prices

The Indiana Blues are posting hospital pricing info for a few dozen procedures — story via iHealthBeat — and some area providers are posting total cost and out-of-pocket cost for some procedures as well. Paul Levy and Charlie Baker have had a little thrust-and-parry on this point over at Charlie’s blog.  Information in the hands […]

Blawg Review #106 and the pathology of motorcycle racing

Blawg Review #106 is up at Brett Trout’s Blawg IT, sporting a motorcycle racing theme.  The HealthBlawger knows some folks who view motorcyclists as nothing more than future organ donors.  The natural segue here . . . organ transplants may be covered by Medicare, the topic of the HealthBlawg post selected by Brett for inclusion […]

Consumers could use some guidance more than choice

In our society, we value choice very highly.  Sometimes, however, choice is not a universal good. A tip of the hat to Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters for linking to the California Health Care Foundation report on consumer choice in health care (both benefits side and services side), which concludes that the clutter of […]

Survey says: physicians do not consider patients' out-of-pocket costs when ordering care

Interesting survey results released earlier this month tend to show that no matter how consumer-directed health care may become, consumers may not be able to keep their out-of-pocket expenses in check on their own, because the physicians ordering diagnostic and therapeutic services are often ignorant of or indifferent to the out-of-pocket expenditure implications of their […]