From the AHLA website, a valuable resource for health care providers, patients and families:

AHLA has released A Guide to Legal Issues in Life-Limiting Conditions. The document was produced as part of AHLA’s public interest commitment to serve as a public resource on selected healthcare legal issues. Read or download the Guide online. The Guide has been summarized into six, easy to read one-pagers that will provide a general overview of the issues covered in each chapter of the Guidebook.

  1. We All Need to Plan for the Future
  2. Choosing an Independent Living Arrangement
  3. Long Term Care Options
  4. Choosing a Long Term Care Facility
  5. Settling Into a Long Term Care Facility
  6. Care and Comfort at the End of Life

A Legal Guide to Life-Limiting Conditions provides an overview of the key legal and practical issues that arise in the care of individuals who face a life-limiting condition or who care for a loved one with a life-limiting condition. As an aid to the planning process, the Guide is organized around the continuum of care, beginning with healthy individuals who are able to live at home and following the continuum to independent retirement communities, assisted living, long term care, and an eventual return to the home with the aid of hospice services.

David Harlow